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Happy memories – Christopher Enraght-Moony celebrates 25 years of RWH holidays

Blog post   •   Oct 12, 2017 12:13 BST

Christopher Enright-Moony enjoying the alps with Ramblers Walking Holidays

With 25 annual Ramblers Worldwide and Adagio holidays under his belt, Christopher Enraght-Moony is certainly one of our longest-standing and most loyal clients, and we were delighted to welcome him here to our Lemsford Mill HQ recently. Such is Christopher’s experience, he was even able to help us with location recommendations! Here he reflects on a quarter-century of happy memories.

My experiences with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays started way back in the early 1990s, when a friend recommended the company to me. Their holidays offered me the opportunity to take the initiative, to be self-reliant, to make long-term plans and to always have something to look forward to.

I took my first holiday in September 1992, ‘Exploring the Sorrento Peninsula’, a tour which is still available all these years later. I enjoyed it so much because I was teaming up with a great group of people under good leadership; in effect, even as a solo traveller, you are never travelling alone; you feel in good company and that all is well. It’s this companionable and confident aspect that has encouraged me to return so often over the years. I’ve become a big fan of Adagio holidays recently; they are easier as they involve less walking than the standard Ramblers holiday for those of us who don't do a lot of walking or exercise during the year and they give the customer more variety for European destinations.

With Ramblers Walking Holidays I’ve enjoyed sightseeing looking at the Italian towns and classical architecture over the centuries (especially Pompeii and Herculaneum).

I became interested in the Alps in 2000 visiting the Salzkummergut with RWH and I've continued ever since.

I am attracted to the Alps of central Europe where you can observe green valleys, hills, grey granite peaks covered in snow with clear blue sky above. The combination of those colours is amazing!

My love affair with the mountains began in 2010 on a Ramblers Klosters holiday I was hooked and booked Hiking from Alpbach the following year - it was so incredible that I just had to go the following year to see more. Then I was introduced to the Adagio collection.

The Lazy Alps, based in Wengen was my very first Adagio holiday I enjoyed it so much that I booked it again the following year. Summer 2014 I experienced a Tirolean Summer which was delightful but I couldn’t resist going back to the Wengen region the following year on another wonderful Lazy Alps holiday. Since 2016 I have discovered Zermatt & The Mighty Matterhorn with Adagio treating myself to not one but two inspiring holidays there. Though I was very, very tempted to book the new Mont Blanc holiday for next summer I gave in to Zermatt!

In recent years, after the flight has landed I have asked to go on board the flight deck. The pilots (first and second officer) are most welcoming and it is so exciting and interesting being on the flight deck of a plane at an international airport.

One tip from all my years of travel: it helps you to relax if you ask at the departure gate flying out and when you fly back to confirm that your suitcase is loaded on board. It’s a big relief knowing that your luggage will be waiting for you at arrivals, enabling you to enjoy the flight and the rest of the holiday.

Looking back over my collection of photographs, they summarise many interesting and happy memories and I've enjoyed Switzerland, Italy and Austria the most. I now realise what a wonderful place Europe is to visit. I've also repeated some of the holidays and enjoyed every one. I look forward to doing more trips and visits with Ramblers Walking Holidays and Adagio to central Europe in the future.

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