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Gullible’s Travels – Larger Than Life!

Blog post   •   Sep 16, 2016 17:22 BST

My dear friend John Carter, former presenter of ‘Wish You Were Here’, a prolific travel writer and champion of Ramblers Worldwide Holidays has just launched – ‘Gullible’s Travels’ – a hilarious account of his globe-trotting days!

John, whom I identify in raconteuring terms with the great Peter Ustinov, has assembled some of the best tales gleaned from his many years of gathering material for newspapers, magazine articles, radio and television programmes, which have now been gathered in this cornucopia of travel delights.

John says, “It’s a collection of true tales, tinged with a little fiction because real life doesn’t always provide neat endings.” and focusses on aspects of his travels that never quite made it onto the printed page or television screen!

The book is peppered with plenty of humour together with a sprinkling of seriousness of his adventures on land, sea and air. Whether he is running with the bulls in Pamplona, getting arrested by the Greek army on Corfu, tackling the intricacies of folk dancing, upsetting the Moroccan Royal family, or white-river rafting in Switzerland, these are stories you are guaranteed to enjoy.

John has enjoyed several holidays with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays but his penchant these days is AdagioAdagio has just launched a new tantalising programme for 2017.

Graham Ross - September 2016

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