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An artist in the Alps

Blog post   •   May 31, 2017 10:19 BST

Tate Modern’s summer show this year is dedicated to Alberto Giacometti, one of the greatest painter-sculptors of the 20th century, best known for his fragile, stretched human figures, one of which holds the record for the most expensive sculpture ever sold at auction, at $141 million. Giacometti was part of a family of celebrated artists hailing from the Swiss Alpine valley of Upper Engadine, and the classic mountain scenery is clearly an inspiration for his father Giovanni and his cousin Augusto, both painters. The influence is less clear for Alberto, who chose not to paint the landscapes on his doorstep; however, critics argue that his inspiration lies deeper than the simply representational and that his sculptures are actually deeply rooted in nature in their form.

Ramblers Walking Holidays can take you to the high, remote and perfect Alpine peaks of the Engadine on a week’s cross-country skiing, or you can explore the area by train and on foot as you Walk the Trail of the Bernina Express – showcasing two things at which the Swiss excel – mountain scenery and railways.

Giacometti is at Tate Modern in London from 10th May to 10th September.

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